Upya is


How does Upya work ?

«The heel strike is soft and comfortable, it’s very pleasant!»

«Upya is very stable, it’s reassuring and I feel more confident.»
«This forefoot flexion is incredible and gives new sensations!»
«The toe-off is easy, thanks to the energy accumulated by the fiberglass blade.»
«Upya manages slopes and tilts well, so I don’t have to worry about these areas anymore.»

Keypoints to remember

Advantages for the user

Upya is a water resistant foot. All Upya parts are fully resistant to fresh, chlorine and saline water. You can now go swimming without worrying.

Upya is a biomechanical foot. This feature allows you to go on all types of terrain with confidence and in excellent comfort.

Advantages for the pro

Upya is an adaptable foot from 25cm to 29 cm (sizes 38/39 to 43/44). In other words, with the same Upya foot, you can fit a patient whose foot size is 25 cm, or 26 cm, or …, you get the idea. Left or right of course!

Upya parts are replaceable, so any part can be changed. This makes Upya fully repairable. With Upya you have the possibility to change a part instead of buying a new foot. It’s economical and ecological. Bye bye obsolescence!

Upya is certified CE ISO 10 328. It complies with the strictest regulations especially in terms of resistance. The tests performed on Upya guarantee a minimum of 2 years of use.

An innovation like this has to be protected! Our technology is patented worldwide.
Don’t worry, there is only one Upya, the original from Exoneo!

No hassle, there is a warranty! Upya is guaranteed for 2 years for the mechanical parts and 6 months for the aesthetic shell.

They like Upya

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