« We offer more than just a new type of prosthetic foot, we offer regained walking sensations and self-confidence.. »

Guillaume Moguez, CEO

EXONEO, an innovative MedTech start-up, was born in 2017 out of an observation : In orthopedics, current solutions are not always adapted to the needs of patients looking for a comfortable, dynamic, and above all, economically accessible prosthetic foot. Since then, we have devoted our time and energy to a mission: Revolutionize the answer to disability through biomechanics, by taking inspiration from the functioning of the human body. We develop innovative prosthetic products, accessible to everyone worldwide. Within 6 months, the prototype of our first innovation was born, the Upya prosthetic foot. “I feel like I have got my foot back. ” Those were the incredible words said by Joëlle, a tibial amputee, during this first trial. Two years of development followed and Upya is now available! With this foot we want to offer “an innovative and affordable prosthetic solution to amputees, for a better quality of life”.

Exoneo team


In order to be always at the vanguard of innovation and as close as possible to the mechanics of the human body, we have surrounded ourselves with recognized professionals in the orthopedic sector, academics and technicians all driven by the same ambition: to put their expertise and creativity at the service of rehabilitation for the disabled.

In addition, we have included people with different types of amputations in order to carry out betatests. They are the best able to guide our engineers in the development of product designs and finishes.


Céline Lansade PhD in Biomechanics

Nicolas Vignais PhD in Biomechanics

Jean-Sébastien Afagard PhD in Material Science

and technical specialists

Eric Boucher Plasturgist Director

Pascal Pommier Orthotist

Antoine Beraud Kinesitherapist



Replaceable Our products have an unlimited lifespan. In fact, the majority of the parts of our products are replaceable and interchangeable in the case they wear out. This is economical and ecological. Bye bye obsolescence, hello sustainability!

An ecological conscience EXONEO is actively working on the implementation of a system to collect used parts in order to recycle them efficiently. The long-term objective is to have 100% recyclable and recycled products.

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our biomechanical prosthetic foot