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Feel the joy of taking a step forward

A prosthetic foot designed for you

Upya is a prosthetic foot designed by our team on the basis of biomimicry, to offer an accessible and efficient product.

Ankle, heel, mid foot and fore foot form a foot prosthesis as close as possible to the human foot. In addition, a combination of blades simulates the tendons and muscles in order to restore the energy of the step and reproduce the process of the human step.


For the professional:

The orthoprosthetist receives Upya in a kit to be assembled, in less than 5 min, and to be adapted it to each patient.

For the wearer:

Upya's polyarticulated conception allows the amputee to regain natural walking sensations. This "copy" of the human foot brings the dynamism you need on a daily basis, so you can fully enjoy your life!


Discover our prosthetic foot Upya in videos :

A team always close to you

Discover our team's visit to the Centre National de Réhabilitation des Personnes Handicapées of Yaounde to introduce our prosthetic foot Upya.

Upya By Exoneo prosthetic foot - Tunisia

EXONEO’s will is to be close to their patients. We were in Tunisia in March to start off a series of seminaries in Africa and Middle East to introduce Upya. 🌍