What does Upya mean? Upya is a word in Swahili which means new beginning, and you will understand why we made this choice.
The Upya project was born from an observation : there is a lack of orthopedic devices adapted to the needs of patients in search of a comfortable, dynamic and most importantly, an economically accessible prosthetic foot. We designed THIS prosthetic foot: Upya REPRODUCES THE NATURAL MOVEMENT OF THE HUMAN FOOT and has many other qualities:

– Dynamic: thanks to its energy restitution blade made of fiberglass.
– Economical: delivered in a kit to be assembled for a reduced cost and spare parts available separately.
– Fully biomechanical: it replicates the best possible design – the human skeleton!
– Providing unprecedented comfort: thanks to its specific geometry and the materials used.
– With an extended durability thanks to its replaceable parts.

Now that the development is complete, you can shop Upya by clicking on the icon on the left of the screen.


«The heel strike is soft and comfortable, it’s very pleasant!»
«Upya is very stable, it’s reassuring and I feel more confident.»
«This forefoot flexion is incredible and gives new sensations!»
«The toe-off is easy, thanks to the energy accumulated by the fiberglass blade.»
«Upya manages slopes and tilts well, so I don’t have to worry about these areas anymore.»


It’s easy with Upya: a single foot for sizes from 25 to 28 cm

and for weights from 60 to 90 kg for an optimized stock

Forefoot L/R

All parts of the foot are replaceable, which
facilitates the fitting and ensures maximum

Key points to remember
Upya parts are replaceable, so any part can be changed. For example, let’s say I feel that my heel is worn out after a few years of use. With Upya I have the possibility to change this heel instead of buying a new foot. It’s economical and ecological, you leave with a foot that performs as well as a new one.
Bye bye obsolescence!
Thanks to our biomechanical approach, we have been able to standardize the parts. In practical terms :
Upya is an adaptable foot from 25 to 28 cm (sizes 38/39 to 42/43). In other words, with the same Upya foot, you can fit a patient whose foot size is 25 cm, or 26 cm, or …, you get the idea.
Left or right of course!
Upya’s design offers a significant advantage for orthopaedic professionals: the ability to manage their stock more easily and at a lower cost. In fact, each foot can be disassembled and all you need are spare parts to assemble a new foot, so you will never be caught off guard, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for your patients.


Upya is CE ISO 10 328 certified. What does that mean?
Upya complies with the strictest regulations, particularly in terms of fatigue and fracture resistance. And on top of that Upya does not rust since all parts are treated against corrosion, which allows Hamdi to go to sea regularly with it.
Surely you believe that an innovation like this should be pantented!
So after an initial filing in France, EXONEO has extended the intellectual protection of the Upya prosthetic foot all over the world.
So don’t worry, there is only one Upya, the original!

No worries, there is the guarantee!
Fully confident in the quality of our product, the Upya prosthetic foot is guaranteed:
2 years for the mechanical part and 6 months for the footshell.


…by patients
…and by orthotists
«This uncommon forefoot joint provides real walking comfort!»
«The natural movement of the foot is a real improvement for the patient.»
«Upya reduces the impact force of the ground on the residual limb.»


The kit includes


Technical sales at EXONEO
Hello EXONEO! I am an prosthetist and I am very interested in your Upya foot.
Hello ! Welcome to EXONEO! How can I help you?
I find this new foot very innovative and I have several patients that I would like to equip with Upya.
Very good. Did you know that with only one Upya you can equip a left or right patient only by changing the forefoot?
Great !
Can you tell me more?
Yes, it’s very simple. Let’s say you need to equip 6 patients. With Upya, no need to know precisely* the foot size or the side of amputation of your patients, you simply order :
6 Upya right feet, and some spare parts for the left side:
-3 left forefoots
-3 left footshells
Okay, I understand, it’s like a mechanic! No need to think, you can adapt the size and the side of the foot* on demand!
Exactly! That way you can equip all your patients, whatever their profile* without having a lot of feet in stock.
That’ s smart. It simplifies my stock!
Absolutely. It’s a real saving of time and money, and it allows to have a better overview. It’s the same thing with the footshell in EVA, stretchable from 25 to 28 cm. That’s 4 footshells in 1!
Do you have other questions?
No it’s perfectly clear. Upya is all about modularity AND simplicity for an unbeatable price! I will place an order immediately. Thank you!
Glad to have been of assistance.
* for any type of amputation, for patient weights from 60 to 90 kg and foot sizes from 25 to 28 cm.